During the lockdown gyms had to close their doors. And after a few weeks people were craving for alternatives to the home workouts that flooded social media.

An even more urgent matter:
Donations for charities sank dramatically by around 65% in the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time emergency calls at women‘s shelters increased by around 20%.



I love to get people moving, I have the equipment and I was on short time.

Time enough to do some good:

So I set up an Underground Gym at abandoned places like car parks, parking lots....

And on two weekends people in Hamburg had the chance to bid for one hour slots with my equipment. The highest bidder was able to use the gym with a plus one max, fulfilling local lockdown regulations. Before the next slot I had 15 minutes to desinfect the equipment.

At the end all proceeds were donated to Hamburg's women's shelter.




Turns out people love working out outside at unique locations, without missing the gym equipment.

And I fell in love as well.

Although I am back at work I still have spare time in the evening and the weekends at the moment. Now whenever my calendar is free I will offer slots at my gym.

Where? No idea.
I now have a van, so I should be able to set up anywhere awesome.

And now I will become rich? No.
It‘s not my goal to earn extra money. I do it because I love working out with new people, share my passion of sports and maybe: train for good once again.



When my monthly costs (van insurance and diesel) are covered, all additional proceeds will go to charity.
I will disclose my costs to the community. Therefore they will have the chance to see the monthly balance in the PayPal moneypool and what amount will be donated at the end of the month.